Comprehensive Training Program

Dalman Show Jumping's training and coaching programs are for the serious student and equine athlete.  Sandra will discuss your personal goals in the sport and devise a plan to get you there.  

We ride horses because we love the animals and the partnership aspect that goes along with this sport. The horses' nutrition, care, management, accommodations and wellbeing are always a priority. We believe this allows the equine athlete to reach their highest potential and help their riders achieve success.

Sandra's gift for teaching, relating to her students, and ability to explain how to feel and execute what needs done on top of a horse is second to none. Many of her students come to her "stuck" and have break through moments in just a few rides and achieve new levels of success in a few short months! The diligent program and successful team at Dalman Show Jumping offers world class horse and rider development with goals of success. 


Dalman Show Jumping's comprehensive training and coaching program is designed to help riders achieve their competitive goals. With a focus on horse management and skill development, we devise a strategy to keep horses and riders successful in sport.